A/C condensate drain enters plumbing vent.  Found during a Phoenix Home Inspection

A/C Condensate Drain Enters Plumbing Vent

by Southwest Premier on June 17, 2010

DEFECT: Air Conditioner Condensate Drain Line Enters Plumbing Vent

On a roof mounted air conditioner, the condensation drain line typically either penetrates through the roof to a drain at the lower edge of an exterior wall or it extends to the edge of the roof and drips off.  Either one of these methods is acceptable as long as the drainage is not causing other problems.

During our Home Inspections in Phoenix, we often times see the condensate drain line entering a plumbing waste vent on the roof.  This is an incorrect installation and luckily it is fairly easy to fix.

Condensate drain line entering plumbing vent. Home inspection in Phoenix

Condensate drain entering plumbing vent

One of the biggest problems with running this drain line into the vent is that it blocks the vent.  A blocked plumbing waste vent can cause drainage problems, gurgling noises from the drains or other issues.

This drain line is usually PVC pipe which is easy to work with so this is not typically a difficult repair.  The easiest fix is to run the PVC drain pipe to the edge of the roof, extending a few inches beyond and adding a 90 degree elbow facing down.  Make sure the drainage does not drip on anything except the ground so you don’t cause bigger problems.

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